Hitting the road

Service Transport maintains a modern and fuel efficient fleet. Our primary objective is to increase safety and compliance, reduce operating costs and improve customer service. 

From a corporate standpoint, one of the most important facets of our fleet is the technological capabilities. The trucks are equipped with satellite systems from Peoplenet that interface with the engine. Sensors monitor engine problems, fuel mileage, and performance, and report the results back to enterprise transportation software from TMW® Systems; TMWSuite and IDSC ExpertFuel.
 volvotruck 1

We expect more out of our trucks than ever before. With the systems we have in place we are on top of what's going on with our tractors in real time from a maintenance and performance standpoint with the goal of reducing our overall costs.
From a driver-safety point of view, managers follow up on reports regarding the drivers’ performance. We are able to pull data for any unit and driver. This allows us to manage our fleet more effectively and be proactive in identifying potential problems and to better target driver training. In addition, the review process also allows us to identify and reward our outstanding drivers.