Who We Are

Service Transport Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adams Resources and Energy, Inc.

Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. is engaged in the business of marketing crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products; tank truck transportation of liquid chemicals; and oil and gas exploration and production. They are traded on the NYSE Market under the symbol, "AE".

Service Transport Company began operations in 1965 as intrastate Texas carrier of petroleum, petroleum products, (including petrochemicals) and waste liquids. In 1980, the Environmental Protection Agency permitted Service as a waste transporter. Later, in 1986, the Interstate Commerce Commission permitted Service as a forty-eight state, class of shipper, contract carrier. In 1988, the contract authority was expanded to a forty-eight state, non-radial common carrier certificate. In the late 1990's Service Transport was granted inter and intra provincial authority from both the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada. In 2003, Service Transport became "Customs Self-Assessment" approved by the Canada Border Services Agency and a customs bonded carrier into all of Canada. This combination of authority and proven expertise has provided our customers with uniquely tailored transportation services whenever, whatever, and wherever required.

Investor Relations:

For questions regarding stock certificates or other related matters please contact Willie Jean Draves at (713) 881-3608. If you would like additional information about Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. email info@adamsresources.com

Ethics Point:

Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. and its subsidiaries have partnered with a third party vendor, Ethics Point to provide a safe, secure, completely confidential means to report violations of company policy. Access it via the web or telephone.

To report a violation or for more information contact EhthicsPoint direct at 1-888-263-8753 or visit their website http://www.ethicspoint.com.